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You're right. Many things can cause an increased PSA: a basic prostate infection, recent ejaculation, prostate massage, vigorous exercise to name a few, so it is by no means a cancer diagnosis. It seems different labs can give slightly different results from the same blood sample, so yes, the test can be unreliable, especially if it's at the low end. However, I doubt something above say 10 could be an error, but it doesn't necessarily mean cancer!

I'm not sure what the "let's look into this" threshold is in countries other than the UK, but here it's a PSA of 3 or higher, but I've heard of people with it into the 30s and everyone has decided to "watch and wait". However, if a finger-up-the-bum examination by an experienced doctor shows any abnormalities (harder or bigger than normal, irregularly shaped) and there's a high PSA, it suggests something is wrong. It still may well not be cancer, but some investigation might be in order.

I am not medically qualified, in conventional or alternative medicine. I just know this from personal experience and five friends in their 50s to 70s who have had prostate problems.

One just had a number of prostate 're-bores' and apart from retrograde ejaculation is fine now. Two had drug treatment (one just antibiotics for an infection, and one hormone treatment) and their PSA went to normal and all symptoms went away. One was diagnosed with prostate cancer with the possibility it would spread to his bones and opted to have it removed. Not nice and he has the known side effects, but better than the alternative. The other was diagnosed too late and cancer spread to his bones and kidneys, and is waiting to die.

Would herbal cures or bicarbonate of soda cured them? If it would have, such simple treatment could not be suppressed. It would be a well known first-step treatment at the very least.

It is said that most men die with prostate cancer, but not of it. Often it is very slow with few if any symptoms, but if you get any symptoms it's worth investigating their cause.


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