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my husband had a PSI reading of 4.5 after feeling some pain in the prostate area. ( PSI tests are notoriously unreliable, please do an internet search and see for yourself)
The doctors were convinced he had cancer and wanted to do a biopsy. He refused,
because if there are cancer cells the biopsy can spread the cells around the body. My husband was no way going to have any medical treatment, only natural , no matter what.
He had an MRI scan and there was a 14mm lesion, the doctors really wanted to do a biopsy after that but again my husband refused.

We tried several natural remedies but none helped him personally, l then did some research and got him some CBD oil, after three months of taking it the lesion, at the next MRI had dissapeared, he kept taking the CBD oil for several more months.
The doctors bullied him into having a colonoscopy and it was found the pain was from an internal hemmoroid that was entangled in some nerve endings.
That was about three years ago and he is fine. The colonoscopy l might add is very damaging.

We also have a neighbour who had a high PSI test at his yearly examination and he did go for the biopsy and they found he had a cyst on his prostate that was harmless, it was left alone and he is also fine.
l have read that aging naturally causes the PSI levels to rise as do many other non cancerous things.
So he is very wary of anything the doctors suggest.
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