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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
No need to be so aggressive, please. And no, I'm not qualified to give medical advice. You could always just point us towards your portfolio of documented success stories and testimonials, without names and addresses obviously.

BTW, that's not really the type of language anyone would expect a medical practitioner to use in public.
It was your Language that drew a response. There was a need to be aggressive. I gave it my best shot, because after your 5 years of experience on the Icke forum It is perfectly clear you havent learned much.

A forum to exchange ideas and alternate ones at that, where we share our experiences for what works/worked for us and you use 'shamming tactics'.

So in the interests of trying to cure your "educated too far in the other direction". I got out my sledge hammer and used it. I dont heal anything. In fact NO Doctor is a "healer". All Health practitioners do is advise the one seeking or displaying symptoms on all the available procedures available. In your case, you asked for that advice to mind your manners. Helping one fix their mind issues of 'superior intelligence' when it displays shaming tactics, isnt easy.... The patient always objects. But time does heal if the problem is looked at or brought to one's attention.

You further continued your 'tone' of superior intelligence and shamming tactics by stating...
"I expect the world is beating a path to your door so I'll let you get on..."

Well actually it is... The door I opened has had over a million people go through it in the 22 years since I made it available. So what you could have said, if you are really here to help cure humanities stupidity, is, something like, Just what is the procedure that brings 1000's to what you offer. Anything else other than what you wrote.

I thank you for the opportunity to use you Thermion, as todays example on how NOT to talk to others on the Alt Health Advice forum. Which implies that both of us could have done it better.
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