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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
Cancer is a very complex group of disorders ..

This is where you are Totally wrong. Cancer is a Fungal disease and which variety of the Fungus Candida Albicans one has invading which part of the body is how they NAME each type of cancer.

Thats why Bi Carb is so effective on them all. It makes the body's immune system able to finish off the Fungus as it cant live in a high pH system.

This 'complex' group of disorders, is how they keep the google algorithms from finding the one common feature of the cause. Gee Ive got an aggressive form of cancer that only chemo can fix? sure lets do it Bleat Bleat. Baaaa Baaa

But the real problem here is Thermion Why are you here to ridicule Icke's research? and to use 'bitch tactics' of saying. "Let's all hope you never need any of your "remedies" yourself..." IS SHAMING TACTICS to belittle our point of view and I take exception to that.
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