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Never ceases to amaze me of the nahsayers stance

Having cured 100's and probably 1000's of cancers my spare time, may i repeat this story.

My Engineer was rushed to hospital and found to have a limp near his anus inside on the colon the size of an apple (fist sized) he showed me the picture they took of it.

Now as they know about alt cures they said ... we just happen to be able to remove this cancer by surgery the day after tomorrow. (giving no time for alt research) giving you time to go get shit in order.

He came to me after discharge and said.... what can I do.... So I gave him the Bi Carb maple syrup recipe, the Ozyrich product and some ground up Dandilion roots and Nascent Iodine.

This guy was a brilliant engineer and built a bum hole cam to take piccies of how it progressed.

In two weeks of the above alt remedies, there was no more lump and he lived several more years and didnt go back to the Drs anymore at all.

The measure of sheepleness on a scale of one to 10 can be used on people who say... if its so good why dont the Drs know about it....

to which I just Yawn and walk away, got better things to do that try to awaken closed minded sheeple.

The product OxyRich it magic for ALL prostate conditions and if used at the first sign of a Prostate symptom will totally 100% eliminate whatever is causing it. I first used it on psoriasis and used NOTHING else and it cleared up a scalp that bled every time I combed my hair and it never came back. Its an Anti Fungal preparation to just like Bi Carb.
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