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Since my last posts my friend has agreed to be treated for high blood pressure but refused all conventional invasive investigations of his prostate; however will participate in bi-yearly PSA tests.

He's currently taking saw palmetto, (160mg per day), zinc, folate (he's deficient) and vitamin D.

Doctor not happy and says saw palmetto may interfere with the PSA result by artificially lowering it and he'll now have to double any future PSA results. I've done a lot of research online and keep reading conflicting reports - some say SP artificially lowers the PSA some say no??

On another note my sister had a syndrome (PCOS) polycystic ovaries and as far as I am aware that is a hormone driven complaint. I recall she had excessive amounts of androgen's in her blood work - in other words similar to a bloke who has prostate issues. She done some research and treated this syndrome naturally with appropriate supplements and now it is undetectable in blood work. Doctor gave her a clap on the back but same Doctor not happy that my mate is proactively treating his own androgen issue.

PSA = Prostate Specific Androgen.
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