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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
I agree that there will likely be some sort of attack in London. I have no idea, assuming there is a London attack, whether there will be other attacks around the world or not. Why do you think an attack will occur in Tokyo?
As seen on the card that stelios posted you see a tower. Most people think that it is the big bang. But when you do the research you can clearly see that it is the tokyo clock tower in japan. you see also de 5 colors from the 5 olympic rings back in this picture. When you find out what the plan is with the project blue beam. you can asume that there will be world wide attacks to pull the plan off.

om this intressting blog you can read about a possible attack on the 02 dome.

or see this:
also called the 0Z dome.

To j_a_t_33 : I really see towards your video, did you digged it already?
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