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Originally Posted by bubblewrapped View Post
Maybe a link to India also, read the article

CALANGUTE: Two shots were fired from a pistol during a fight between a hotel owner and his relatives, on one side, and a group of taxi drivers and others, in Baga, around midnight Friday. The incident left at least three persons injured, a hotel ransacked, five policemen suspended for not containing the situation and one person arrested.

According to DySP N C Raikar, the incident was sparked off by a trivial traffic violation around 11.20pm. Traffic policemen attached to the Calangute traffic cell were in the process of towing away a two-wheeler parked on the pavement near the Ronil resort junction. A Russian woman, who had parked the two-wheeler, objected, climbed onto the tow truck, and sat on the two-wheeler inside the truck.

Edit to add : Apology for including names.
If you go to tripadvisor to look at reviews of hotel go to bottom of page 2 and look at the travels of ukadvisor.
Nice post, it's worth reading the full story anyone who is following this thread.

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