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Originally Posted by mcthompson2x View Post
Some might argue that sexual repression leads to all of those things, and I think that a pretty good argument could be made actually.
Exactly!, Look at a city like Amsterdam, hard core porn and drugs freely available. Lowest sex crimes on the planet for christs sake. Proof that porn does not corrupt.

Rape has got NOTHING to do with porn or even sex for that matter. Its a violent act perpetrated by violent people.

When you hear of a convicted rapist saying it was porn that made them do it, that is their lawyer trying to shift the blame away from their client. They do the same for kids that kill, they try and blame violent computer games, all just spin by lawyers to play on the sympathy of courts and jury's.

Some people are violent pieces of shit, and some poor people are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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