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Porn degrades women, leads to misogyny and sexual abuse, and causes rape, sexual violence and sexual assault. This documentary, She Stole My Voice: A Documentary About Lesbian Rape, shows exactly why pornography and objectification of women.
Some might argue that sexual repression leads to all of those things, and I think that a pretty good argument could be made actually. The problem isn't the creation of pornography in and of itself, the problem is how pornography is created.

The theory is that the adults involved are completely consenting and that somehow this makes what is going on okay. Gay porn is slightly different, at least from what I've noticed, in that it seems to idolize the male body where as straight porn seems to despise and degrade the female body. A lot of times you don't even get to see what the men look like! Straight porn tends to be a lot more consistently primal and seems to involve a lot more domination. A lot of people involved in the pornography industry have been raped throughout their lives, and depend on people who only know how to abuse. For those of you who believe in the government Monarch program, a thought has occurred to me many times that a great amount of porn-stars are actually Monarch Beta subjects.

Sexual expression through video or photography is fine, it is really the content of the expression that needs to be discussed. In a world where anything is possible, I would like to stress that it is entirely possible that many mentally healthy people like to sexually submit or be dominated at their own discretion. The problem is when those people like to be hurt - the desire for pain seems to be a sign of mental instability. This is, however, just from my solitary point of view of the universe. There are billions of people I've never met! It seems like straight pornography seems to explicitly objectify women. Not that gay pornography doesn't do the same sometimes, but it doesn't seem to be the central theme of most of it.
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