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Originally Posted by dac54 View Post
Yeah,don't know what folk have got against pigeons,they're harmless creatures,I even feed a couple of mice that run around the garden ,though i reckon some neighbours would be pretty pissed off if they knew that.
Our neighbours would have us run out of town I imagine if they knew we feed the hated fox. I love the hated fox. I'm always for the underdog, or underfox, underpigeon, underdeer and so on. The number of times I've met people who hiss and spit about deer, badgers, foxes, pigeons, seagulls, magpies...I think they're brainwashed. They give me the party line i.e. they're all vermin! Vermin I tell ya!!! Vermin wot will eat your heart out!! Except they don't!

A badger used to come round to eat the cat food we left out for the neighbour's cat who used to come round for free brekkie, lunch and supper. He was beautiful, and very clumsy in his manner. Neighbour's cat has now moved in, so food isn't always left out now.

Oh, you know the hated leylandii tree? I've seen about 20 goldfinches eating things off it. Probably a certain kind of bug? But there you go..... people hate those trees, but love goldfinches....why not have some leylandiis but keep them in check heightwise?

See this I found on twitter:

Look what I found hiding in my Leylandii hedges! #goldfinch #chicks

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