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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Why are some people so convinced McCartney was replaced and that he died?, yet others suggest he could've had a double or had a twin brother?. If Paul had a twin brother, wouldn't the people he grew up with (he did actually come from a normal background, from a normal town in Liverpool - well that's what we're told) know he had a twin brother?, or was this brother never seen or talked about?. I doubt Paul or the rest were anything other than ordinary people before they hit it big time, I think things went abit crazy after that, that's the way showbiz and being in the limelight does to you. All of their upbringing, childhood history, schools, etc would've had to have been completely fabricated or covered up., and there's just far too many documents and literature on them for that to happen.
You sound like what I would believe the majority of folks think about the Beatles "They were four lads from Liverpool who changed music history... fame / success will do that to you..... people are crazy....etc" A lot of people see that there is more to the Beatles than meets the eye. It's a fascinating subject that has roots in fact. The Beatles did backwards masking in their music -- admittedly. "The true adept will be able to read.speak and write forwards and backwards", from Crowley's Book of Magick, as well as how they are posed on the cover of Help!, all poses from Crowley's Book of Magick.

Check this out. A few years before he dies, randy Aleister has an affair with a nurse. He'd have been 66 or 67 when Paul was conceived. She gives birth to twins. One is taken by the father and his reps, one is taken by the mother and raised as Paul. if you're so inclined, let your mind wander from there, and please watch the videos if you feel like it, if nothing else, you won't think of the Beatles the ame way anymore, and IMO, that's perfectly fine.

Originally Posted by techman View Post
As for them using satanic hand gestures, most people just say it's nothing but rather just an old marketing gimmick that's been used for years by the industry. I agree though that it's strange there is no real evidence of that sign being used prior to them, it's strange others around the time like Elvis haven't been photographed using the horned sign - I haven't seen any yet, but maybe it's a boy band image thing?. You gotta realise alot of things happened in the 60s. To most people born in the 40s and 50s and growing up in their teens and 20s in the 60s it was a fantastic time to be alive. The decade of the 1960s seems to be the one which conjures up a very nostalgic and memorable period, topping all the other decades before or since. Everytime I ask my dad his faviour time in his life he will immediately say the 1960s, but not for the Beatles and that boy band rubbish which kinda destroyed what could've been a better decade. The 60s seems to have a deep emotional impact on the minds of people growing up at the time, it's like it was the golden decade: I do believe nothing has EVER come close. Maybe the 60s was a big social experiment or turning point, and the Beatles were a big part of that amongst the other cultural icons of the time. To think we had the best music at the time (Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Oribison, et al were around, The Beatles and Stones were creating hystria), fashions were changing, we had cars which looked sexy like the E-Type, Hollywood was churning out the big great classics and cultural and iconic films, alot of things were happening in politics, and so on.
Yes, there was an agenda behind the sixties, and the Beatles were a big part of that agenda. The hand signs -- Fashion, or an homage? The Beatles introduced those signs to the vernacular if you will, and they are used all over the place and all the time now.
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