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Originally Posted by howie View Post
Iamaphoney reveals it was Faul behind the Rotten Apple series
I've never seen that before... awesome. First suitcase found at Spahn Ranch?? manson Family?? Come on.... contained pics of Crowley and the Book of the Law, McCartney still pushing Crowley, flashing images of him on the video screens behind him during his concerts. John still alive? I've heard that rumor too. There's a Canadian independent film called Let Him Be about Lennon faking his death and moving to Ontario. One man started a blog saying it's real, and that it was actually Lennon... it is a great movie, well done.

Originally Posted by twilight_sparkle View Post
Faul speaks to Eric Clapton with 3 accents

Katy Perry makes devil horn sign when they talk about PID

Jonathan Ross says "you were dead" to Faul
Clapton has his own problems, Katy and Paul were kinda touchy-feely there..... poor Katy. Now, she can't remember a thing. Ross was joking.

The first video... I wouldn't be surprised if paul was behind the Winged Beatle at all, it's what gives it such an air of authenticity, and why it's so unsetling. "Paul was transformed somehow in the mid '60's"... Thanks that's my thoughts on it too. Not dead, changed. And they were using a double, a stand in at times. That's what f***s people up, there really was someone standing in for him at times.
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