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Originally Posted by kiwi_ View Post
The person who edited the Winged Beatle movie did a great job, i'll give him that. If I didn't know better it would almost have me believing that Paul died.
I don't see it as "Paul is Dead". Not literally. Paul died in a "way", but not in the physical sense. Paul was the "adept" in the Beatles, they were all initiated, but Paul was the one who really took to the occult and magick aspects of it. It's tough for people to grasp this kind of thing, but I think it's important. The Beatles are Ground Zero in regards to the infiltration of the Intelligence agencies and the exertion of their control over the music business, the introduction of Crowley to the masses that people like Jay Z still promote to this day. The Beatles were the first to offer these hand signals to the youth, the horned salute, and the 666 hand sign.

Everyone does this now, everyone is initiated thanks to the groundbreaking work of "everybody's favorite band of all time" The Beatles. If someone can show me a popular, very well known entertainer(s) before the Beatles doing this, I'd like to see it. Paul knew Terry Melcher and the first time Lennon did LSD was in Melcher's house, where the Tate murders occurred 3 years later.

Paul didn't die, but you can see in the excellent Winged Beatle doc, he wasn't the only one being "Paul" in the late '60's. And that is weird.
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