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Default One more for the Paul is Dead theory... why not?

First off, I am not of the mind that Paul McCartney actually died as the rumor says. Some of the proof is laughable. One of the things they get hung up on, for instance, is this patch;

On his arm on the Sgt Pepper cover. It's folded over a little and the second "P" looks like a D. These folks say it means "Officially Pronounced Dead", but it is the badge of the Ontario Provincial Police.

But I watched this video last night;

Start watching from about 7:25 in moving forward. Those who are so inclined will immediately notice that as "reptilian shapeshifting" and the way it's displayed in the video is creepy as hell. I have gotten the serious heebie jeebies watching "The Winged Beatle" series, as they loosely atempt to portray Paul as Satanic. All it is are images and music played together... it's just unsettling. But also in the above ^ video at 8:18, Paul says "There are two Paul McCartney's", and that's what I think is really at the crux of the Paul is Dead theories, where people assume he died and was replaced.

It appears in a lot of the footage or photos from the later stages of the Beatles career that Paul was occasionally taller than Lennon, occasionally shorter, the original pics of the Beatles show Lennon to be the tallest of all of them. People do continue to grow into their early 20's -- I had a friend who grew an additional 2 inches taller at 25 -- so that could explain it. But again, at different times and dates, the pics vary. Maybe, as they do now, those who organize these kinds of things arrogantly put clues into things which showed when the "stand in" Paul was being used, and this was picked up by slightly off base researchers as to the proof that Paul is dead.

The Sgt Pepper album cover is a funeral of sorts, and maybe that signifies a death of the old Beatles, who are standing off to the side in wax, and this mixes with the new Beatles, who have a much taller Paul in their midst. The new Beatles has two Paul McCartney's, the real one, and an occasional stand in.

Why do this? I think the Beatles were responsible for a lot of things, primarily being used as the foil to usher in the era of the '60's, I believe their music was sonically manipulated to be psychologically penetrating and they were also part of the grand LSD experiment. The Beatles were also used to put a definitive halt to the sixties when it wa claimed Charles Manson used the White Album and LSD to hypnotize people to kill for him. How many people were listening to the White Album, or the Beatles in general while on LSD in the sixties?? The message is "This is what all these kids could turn out to be". The "'60's counter culture revolution" was a nasty psy op that most still can't comprehend was a psy op. Some good came of it, there's no denying that, but the overall intent was just for the sake of experimentation with LSD, music and mind control on a mass scale. I think the reason behind having two McCartney's was part of the psyop the Beatles represented. They'll put it right in your face. They don't care if you notice, they care about the ones that don't. That's the "target audience". They can move famous people in and out, and no one would notice.....

I think McCartney is a creepy, elite..... bastard that has excellent PR behind him, and a wall of protection that keeps any serious scrutiny away. Paul is definitely up to no good. He's all up in this, Sir Paul is and at this point, he's a Grand Wizard. Very powerful in that realm they occupy.

Personal opinions aside on his former wife Heather Mills, who got what she bargained for.... to a point. She said on a TV interview that she had a whole box of evidence that she was prepared to give someone, and even if she was "topped off" that this person was ensured to get the evidence and that everyone would know what McCartney was really all about.

From 1:16 moving forward. The above is also an interesting view on the theory, especially if you change the view from Paul is Dead, to Paul is a really nasty bugger who may have had a stand in or a clone.....

Last, George calling him Faul twice. Is this about Paul being a complete phony?? Or we just don't know which Paul we are dealing with?

He has no distortion on any other P sounds.... he is saying "Faul". Is this just the Beatles inner dialogue amongst themselves? Is Faul code for false Paul, or just "Fucking Paul....."?

There is something very nasty about McCartney. Very nasty...
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