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Originally Posted by mranderson View Post

It is an established fact that when she was secretary of state the US supplied the air cover for Islamic militants to over run Gaddaffi.
It is an established fact that the US has been doing this as a policy REGARDLESS of who is in office. It was the Reagan administration that first tried to kill Gaddafi, and Islamic militants likely backed by the West had made many attempts to kill him going back to the 90's and 80's.

The same globalists behind that ( USA FRANCE UK ) then went on to use those same militants to turn on Syria.
Again standard US policy regardless of the flavour of the politician. Islamic radicals backed by the US and Israel tried an uprising against the Syrian government in the early 80's which was crushed by Assad's father.

They fund these people initially through '' non lethal aid '' and then through the open supply of arms and air support.

Where does Qatar and Clinton come into it ? Perhaps it could be said that Clinton is like the kiss of death ( horrible imagery I know )

Where she goes, death follows closely behind. Perhaps she was in Qatar to make a payment for services rendered ?

Perhaps they bribe people to do bad things then say '' we have proof they did bad things ''

She is a walking grim reaper
Clinton is certainly a willing participant in this evil, but this is much bigger than her.

Qatar has lately been cosying up to Russia and Iran, and apparently is no longer playing a role in funding the militants in Syria.

Hence condemnation from the Gulf arab monarchies, and hence why Donald Trump came out against Qatar, calling them "funders of terrorism"

Now while that certainly is true, it hides the fact that Saudi Arabia, who the US is more in bed with is an even bigger funder of terrorism, as is Israel.

So basically they are turning on a former ally and proxy because they are becomming less controlled and forging relationships with US enemies like Iran and Russia.
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