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Originally Posted by limelady View Post
Hey there frog! Nice of you to make your first post in my new thread!!!

A delight to have you.....and I bet you're not really a 'bad' boy huh?

Enjoy your stay and post away!

Thanks LimeLady, actually, maybe I am a bit of a bad boy, having just found Clefts Post on my vid and the Illusions forum.... better keep an eye on me!

Originally Posted by a fine naked fellow View Post
Awesome pic, planet frog. And a hearty G’day!
Thanks "A fine naked fellow". Awesome name. You know in the old "Bad-Boy" Icke Forum we had a "who wants to see me naked thread?" - Maybe you should get one started!

Originally Posted by edelweiss pirate View Post
Great to see you here Frog....

Keep it curley!

Keeping it curley indeed Edelweiss, nice to see you here mate!

Originally Posted by tonto o_reilly View Post
Welcome Frog Hope you enjoy the ride

Cheers tonto!
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