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Originally Posted by truth seeker 09 View Post
Positive sides of it? Negative sides?
Yes I do like it. I believe that it was designed to be a perfect (whole or complete) system in which free-will could exist while simultaneously allowing evil to reside as a consequence of allowing free-will while also designing it to be a growth lab for spiritual evolution. Limited dimensional reality is exactly what you need to allow free-will while at the same time limiting the expression of evil. I think it's a perfect (whole or complete) environment.

I can see that this is ground zero for the elimination of good and evil from existence and for that to occur you must allow any evil that could possibly exist, to exist. You must also judge it and condemn it. Attachment=pain. People that feel pain do so because of their attachment to this world. You have to understand that "there is no spoon" and your attachment to this world is what creates pain. Pain is a consequence of a failed learning experience that you would have never experienced if you would have embraced knowledge prior to. However, "human beings define their reality through misery and suffering..." - Agent Smith (The Matrix, 1999) so it has to be this way.

Running, escaping etc. is a cowardly way out. We're in it so we must deal with it out of necessity. Scripture says we must be soldiers in the army of the Most High. Soldiers get shot, soldiers die, soldiers get blown to smithereens. In this existence if you're not strong you're not going to survive. You must realize that most of us are behind enemy lines (POW'S) so what do you do? You endure at all costs and even sacrifice yourself if necessary for righteousness. If you are not willing to do that what would be the purpose of your existence? In this life you have to stand for something, you have to be willing to defend it and also be willing to die for it. If not you will be like the majority of mankind that are selling out their own people for the sake of a w-2 wage earning job and only out for self.

Essentially, there are no negative sides to this reality. The negative side is only what you precieve to be an arduous learning experience that could have been avoided. Learn your lesson. If you don't you will learn your lesson through an everlasting experience of pain and suffering in a lake filled with fire. There is always a purpose to a Matrix, there is always a rule-set.
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