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Originally Posted by rooey View Post
lol whatever.. there is nothing more powerful in the solar system then the inhabitants of this planet. I know I'm from source and most of these 'beings' are just imaginary. I don't mean to be arrogant, but I'm not tricking myself into any positions of weakness again in regards to those who need to hide and do things sneakily any longer.

Plus 'acceptance' and 'tolerance' is something parasites and scum hide behind. Well soon they will have nowhere to hide and will be revealed for what they are. I feel sorry for those whom have been harbouring so closely these parasites, they will feel pretty bad and guilty. Hopefully our love will stop them from hating on themselves too much
haha your full 0f shit!

Try contact them, if they prove you worthy enough they might tell you something, however you appear to be a basic being under the planets conditions.
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