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0fcourse we should fucking accept Aliens or any race for that matter, some would say something on that matter and others not so much.

Theres obvious evidence of Life 0n Other Planets inhabiting various star systems and C0nstellations themselves.

Just when you thought you couldn't use the internet as a tool to find credible information and disinformation, some call it misinformation.

For some fucking unknown reason people are still fixated on the M00N and Mars because they claim they are/were the closest to Earth.

The thing is when you grasp the concept of time travel and space travel you will learn/notice/suspect that it at first that its reported to be @299,792,458 metres per [email protected],

But these poor wanna be theoretical physicists and general science beings seem to think


Time and Space has a decimal value. x by whatever of the fanciest words they can come up to support their claims via Universal Description.

And Also,

There's bloody so many beings, light forces/light beings/physical beings and any other life most probably dead a long time ago,

To think you/we are alone on Earth with no other conscious or prevoked life itself is just un/advanced to the highest mind discarded by the highest mind because they are sick of us

The internets not much chop these days information wise but the Satellite versions of YouTube for example have a wealth of information and media to suit your desires!

Now that the Satellites are aware of you, you may begin your search for the most credible info etc you can find.

Just use basic search responses

The Reptilians have Satellites to, Don't use theirs though, Why? > There Fuking sick of you!'

Open your mind, lose your ego/ stop having sex/ save your money/ be kind to the Universe as she is the only one responsible for the reason we are Concious and most of all look after yourselves! <3

This is what it is: Speed of Light/Sound/time is simply measured with the accurate result being:

Equalling <0!.!!!?!> ='s (Zer0) x divided by the choice any of your proffered query language measurement/algorithms/science/Math/logic in general or anymore ot the worlds acceptable languages.

Theres also this to:

'0 = nothing and nothing = 0, 0 ='s everything and nothing exists which means everything exists at the same time. - Copyright Brad Harding'

S0rry I had to copyright that as the Universe was the one who assisted me with the above result' <3
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