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Originally Posted by lancaster View Post

We are supposed to believe this clown took out his credit card, punched in his details on his lap top to buy air time so he could transmit his experience on Facebook!

All this BEFORE he put on his oxygen mask and while a woman was hanging out of the window and the plane was plummeting to earth!

Yeah! Right!

Annotation in the vid..."yeah I can't believe it either..."

I mean, if she had the seat belt on, it would have been her face/neck that would have been sucked out?!
Then obviously there would be blood smeared around broken window I'd imagine. I mean, the witness said blood was everywhere....that you can't see. It's a bit like global's getting so hot that ice in antarctica is thickening etc....

Anyway, his mask isn't even over his nose.

Oh no.... his photo....standing in front of the UN Climate Change sign....
Actor by any chance?

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