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One thing I've noticed among the common populace is that "Ickeism" is something you still have to be a bit closet about, proudly parading his latest book in front of people I've known for years still incites an aggressive, hostile response, "WHAT THE...??!! You don't read that DAFT pillock DO YOU ?!!! YOU F***** *@<*!>** !!!!".

Not just..."No, not my typa book." or " Nah, not interested, mate."

But voluble effing and blinding, screaming and ranting at the very mention of his name ?? It's as if I've just thrown a stone, rippling their perceived pool of reality, perhaps David should be proud his very name has such seismic impact upon those who still only associate him with the Wogan appearance 30 years ago and nothing else.

Higher up the social food chain , one distinguished retired medical professional (Cambridge Graduate) I know who was at least prepared to listen to my outline of his outlook, dismissed David's entire core belief system of 30 years standing with the two words : "Utter nonsense."

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