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Flesh eating has been in the news in two ways with news of the bacteria eating people's flesh (who are losing limbs due to it) and the bizarre case of Rudy Eugene attacking and ripping off the flesh of Ronald Poppo.

When the cop came and ordered him to stop, the witness Larry Vega said Eugene just stood his head up and growled (and by reports was generally growling) and returned to ripping the flesh off of Poppo.

Before I even learned the attacker's (Eugene's) name, when I'd read about the growling, it took me back in memory to a night in the late 90's when I heard someone (something) growling outside my bedroom window, about 3:30 in the morning. It was so dangerous sounding I thought whatever or whoever it was might burst in through the window killing everyone in sight. It truly sounded like a dangerous animal though I knew it had to be a man, but it didn't sound like man growling sounds, it sounded like animal growling sounds. Whatever it or he was there was no missing the potential for danger.

Not long afterwards I met someone who I'd heard growl and wondered if he could have been the same growler I'd heard at the window that terrifying night (it sounded terrifying though I held up well).

I learned this individual was a descendant of Eugene Skinner. He was a carbon copy of the man in this image, Eugene Skinner, just no beard and the hair a bit different, otherwise identical.

It was all the more interesting when I learned the attackers name was Eugene.

Of course I was thinking werewolf blood when it came to that descendant (not a zombie).

And that was before I was on the Internet.
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