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I notice this article in the News...

Tintin memorabilia set to break record

31 May 2012 Last updated at 04:01 GMT Help

A collection of Tintin memorabilia is about to go under the hammer in Paris, with a rare cover drawn by the author himself expected to fetch a record 1m euros.

The fictional comic book character renowned for his crime-fighting skills.

Russell Trott reports.
I notice the name Eric Le Roy in the video, so I wondered if there was any link to Le Roy (town) and
Is there also any link to and
Also in the Video you see the name Annee and with the Number 41 it reminds me of my wife and her Yamaha Fiore with the registration number 41. 41 is also the Country Code for Switzerland.

Fiore also reminds me of Casterfiore and with the
Eric and Roy to me means the Village here in Chaing Mai, it also means
Auction to me also means my mother house sale and a lady by the name of Anne Malone (director) of Humphreys of Chester, it also means a Solicitor by the name of Dan Stear of Aaron and Partners, Chester.

Malone to me means Steve Malone of Jasmine Homes who is one of the directors, Dan Stear to me also sounds like Sear as in Mark Cameron Sears, who lives in a Jasmine Home.

Is there also any link to
These are only my observations, what they mean if anything, I don't know.

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