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Originally Posted by grandsecretary View Post
You are just a lying toad. They wouldn't let you near Rampton unless it was in the back of a padded wagon in a straight jacket.

You haven't the guts of a louse. If you had the slightest evidence, as a former professional at Rampton (Ha ha) and with full access to the relevant Health Authority, you would have made formal representation by now.

I really do despise crap like you.
they're not "professionals" at rampton. they're little more than prison wardens. you wear civilian clothing and refer to the patients by their first name. you get about £16,000 p.a which isn't enough to deal with the pond life in there. most of whom do not want to get cured.

i worked there as a key porter for about six months after leaving university about ten years ago and you get full access to the patients. i can assure you that you don't have to be a "professional" to work there.

you, mate, are an absolute wanker and i'd love to sort this problem you have face to face.

i heard about jimmy saville through an ex-girlfriend who worked for granada television, she presented me with evidence at the time.

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