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Originally Posted by horus13 View Post calling somebody "an insignificant noise" you are showing your true colours 'grand secretary'. and don't call me an arsehole. you look like a fucking pervert from your profile picture, but you probably are. i have worked in rampton top security hospital so i'm well aware of the need to imprison and care for the mentally ill. i could care less about savilles public persona of raising money for good causes etc. it's probably to balance out all the bad he's been doing and he probably doesn't want to go to hell etc.
You are just a lying toad. They wouldn't let you near Rampton unless it was in the back of a padded wagon in a straight jacket.

You haven't the guts of a louse. If you had the slightest evidence, as a former professional at Rampton (Ha ha) and with full access to the relevant Health Authority, you would have made formal representation by now.

I really do despise crap like you.

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