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Originally Posted by flip side View Post
Wow, the Grandsecretary jumps to the defence of good old Jimmy Saville, says it all really!

Compassionate man indeed, I have a close friend in Leeds who would have to disagree with you there. I find it very interesting that you jump to the defence of this man. Blah blah charity work blah blah...we all know you people love your charity work for the old smoke and mirrors effect.
Put your unnamed "close friend" in touch with me and I will take him to meet Jimmy. Then we will see if he has the guts to tell him what he thinks to his face. He won't of course, because he will be just as false and gutless as dear old anonymous you.

The Grand Lodge of All England has no connection with any other body, Masonic or non-Masonic unless supported by a written Treaty or Agreement ratified by a Convocation of The Grand Lodge of All England. grandsecretary speaks on behalf of The Grand Lodge of All England. He does not represent the policies or views of ANY other Masonic organisation.

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