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Rig oil workers get paid well, and get a lot of time off - i know a lot of people who work with me end up going to the rigs as its a good life, hard work but good pay and half the year off.

deep sea fishing isnt dangerous in itself, it depends on WHERE they fish, and if you go for the crabs in the bearing sea it IS dangerous, however 2 trips can set people up to live for years because of the pay. - again im in the marine industry so i DO know this

demolition operative, not got a clue definately outside my sphere!

What i dislike is that the "army and forces" are constantly slammed by people preaching "peace for all" yes i would LOVE to see that, but since we CANT have it at the moment, how long do you think ANY country would last if they said "right chaps to comply with all this love heals stuff we no longer have any armed forces".

sorry the guys who protect us do a damn fine job, and anyone who slams them, just does not live in the real world in my view!

right ill get off my soap box now
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