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Originally Posted by hagbard_celine View Post
Yes it does. Have you not seen the newspapers!?

Are they? Are you sure? Have you checked out the statisitcs? I know for a fact that oil rig worker, deep sea fisherman and demolition operative are the three most dangerous jobs one can do (2004 American Almanac). How much do those people earn? And do they get the glorification? Where are the headlines in The Sun which go: OUR BRAVE BOYS WHO RISK THEIR LIVES SO WE CAN ENJOY FISH AND CHIPS?
Dont you think that this is due to the fact that they do not suffer abuse from the public? the have been many cases of military people being harrassed for being in a public place in uniform. I know of cases where soldiers have been forced to change clothes on the tarmac at an airport just so they dont have to pass through areas where possibly hostile civilians are.

The people in the jobs you mention are well paid, better paid than many soldiers. Dont see them being spat on in public for their jobs as well. Maybe we should have a massive protest when the next helicopter comes in from the north sea, protesting against oil rig workers who are the labourers of the corporations that are making everybodies life a misery.

Just because you perceive a cult of hero worship by reading a tabloid this does not make it factual. Perhaps you should try talking to some soldiers and ask them if they idolised by the public.
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