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Default orgonite in gardening:

Following an unexpected arrival of a large box of Orgonite from a friend in February 2008, Mark Bennett - a respected investigative journalist and photographer - spent time researching the resin and its effect on plants. He found several websites that documented the growing of vegetable gardens. The resulting crops were large; in stark contrast to the control crops grown without Orgonite.

Mark needed his own proof. He started with simple seed germination tests of alfalfa sprouts using a control sample minus Orgonite. The tests were repeated with strict measurements to rule out errors. The results in both cases were a threefold increase in the alfalfa sprouts' volume. Mark then supplied Orgonite to friends who had allotments and gardens.

M. Rogers from Shoreham used Orgonite to aid a variety of failing, non-indigenous plants in his greenhouse - including grapes and gojo berries. He says: "The crops are now flourishing and I was amazed at their size compared to previous crops. At the end of the season, when other plants were dying out, they were still going strong."

P. Barker from Brighton used Orgonite to aid his beetroots, which were fast to germinate and grew strongly. He was rigorous in his methodology, planting two identical patches in his allotment - one with Orgonite and one without - and growing organically ...see:

He says: "At first, I was mildly surprised by the different crops. The area was mostly root crops - parsnips and different types of beetroot and some early carrots. The plot with Orgonite at each corner produced a whole lot more than adjacent plots. I ended up giving a lot of my produce away. A major surprise was a crop of self-sown tomatoes in between the beets. Normally I can't get tomatoes to grow outside so this was an unexpected bonus."


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