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Originally Posted by Truthspoon View Post
Yeah, he pissed me off on Friday 18th October's show by saying the Masons are alright, and his family were all Masons and that he's a kind of Illuminati, and also saying the old Rosicrucians were good.

What the fuck got into him?

Fool Jones. The Masons are not good. They are a secret WW3 Zionist political lobby group who use paedophilia and blackmail to achieve their goals.

It's what they do. Shut up Jones trying to get the Masons 'onside' it'll never happen, and if it does and you ever are fool enough to trust a Mason then he will be the one who finally betrays you, and probably kills you too.

What kind of sane American wants to make friends with John Wilkes Booth?
Another fan of the Freemasons was WILLIS HARMAN, a key New Ager who advocated a global society based on Freemasonic principles, especially the use of "supraconscious intuition". Harman was President of the New Age organisation set up by the Freemason and NASA astronaut EDGAR MITCHELL: The Institute of Noetic Sciences. Several famous NASA astronauts were Freemasons.

Harman was a senior social scientist at SRI International (an offshoot of Stanford University) and was joint Editor of its co-produced report "Changing Images of Man". Harman authored "Global Mind Change" and co-founded the World Business Academy.

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