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I'm very open-minded but I had to switch his youtube video off because of all the screaming going on - why does he do this? I have no interest in listening to someone who's shouting at the top of their voice, slamming the desk in rage etc.. I am not debunking his actual information, but rather the way he delivers it. Fear after fear after fear, this isn't my opinion, it's literally his style.

Saying that, doesn't mean he's a shill - just not someone I'd look to for genuine information on world news. I prefer listening to Icke but that's a personal choice, he's more personal, basic and gets right to the point without making you shit yourself from the future, lol. Plus the whole american show cheesefest going on at infowars doesn't resonate with me whatsoever.
“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”
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