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Originally Posted by jupiter12 View Post
When I worked in the NHS ,, I studied the topic of death and dying. 'Elizabeth Kubler Ross' wrote books about it, highlighting how most people don't wanna talk about it.

All life on Earth has one thing in common ,, birth ,, the bit in between ,, then death.

And if you believe in recycling ,, back to the canning factory you go for re opening ,,

I've always been surprised at the human bodies ability to experience tremendous pain and why?

This is the factor which makes most people fear death ,, as an observer or experiencer ,,

Consciousness is infinite ,, this life is just an experience ,, birth life death ,, 2001 A Space Oddity (oops ,, Oddysey) ,,

And I think the OP was brilliant!
Response: Great comment and thanks for the kind words.

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