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Originally Posted by seercirra View Post
good evidence but totally unneccessary.
all the evidence that you need is in the fact that flight 93 was found in peices over something like 8 squared miles.
that doesnt happen when something crash lands.
it does happen when something is blown up in mid air though.
Ah - but Houston we have a problem.

The evidence of wing-scar ditches being readily formed so close to the 93 wing marks, in addition to a lack of debris at the site, points to a faked crash site - but not one prepared hastily to cover the shooting down of an airplane. A premediated hoax.

What did they do - remote fly the plane close to the crash site then shoot it down?


How sure are we that debris was scatted over 8 miles as opposed to evidence being planted?

Who owned the land of the crash site?

What is the family/career/religious background of the 'heroes' of 93?

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