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Originally Posted by lewi View Post
Under Mr Corbyn nothing will change, food banks will remain as they have no policy to remove them, the bedroom tax will remain however SNP , have the power to remove bedroom tax in Scotland but have never done so. Labour would fight the people to get back into the EU. Labour will continue its immigration policy that had them removed from office. All the former Labour supporters are still in the party dormant waiting in the wings to rise again like vampires a sunset.
yeah corbyns regime seems to be pro-immigration and pro-EU so we would then see more of what the EU wants which would be: SMART meters, smart cities, greater integration into the EU (eg adoption of the euro and an EU army), MASS immigration through quotas, the breakdown of society, the overburdening of public services, increased tensions within society threatening to boil over into open conflict and of course a continuing increase in violent crimes

If Corbyn was genuinely going to try and break away from the corporate-fascists he would have to break free of their push for a technocracy (a merger of state and corporate power) and he'd have to halt their agenda of destroying nation states as that is really about creating a broken, divided and more malleable global population that can then be more easily fashioned into slaves of the technocracy

if a definition of 'slave' is to be a helpless victim of a dominating influence then the technocracy is the oligarchs ultimate expression of their control over the workers. Its a new global technotronic plantation for the workers

At the moment corbyn is looking very much like another expression of the corporate-fascist system
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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