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Originally Posted by madbomber View Post
Labour hasn't represented the working class for a long time. Thatcher did the main job of demolition but Blair was there to administer the coup de grace to the working class. I feel sorry for young people today. Huge student debt,, no chance of buying a home, zero hours contracts, toothless trades unions, endless wars, and an overbearing bureaucracy both at home and in Europe. Every bit of hard-won legislation that has favoured the working class since 1945 has been dismantled or is in the process of being sold off. It has been a betrayal on a grand scale.
People need to wake up when it comes to Labour, they are only there to control the poor and working class and keep them down in poverty and subservient, i grew up in Glasgow and it has always been Labour until SNP got in, the areas that were Labour controlled like the East End of Glasgow has a low life expectancy, high unemployment, poor housing and crime, Labour have done fuck all to help the working class , the majority of labour MPs are middle class, just Google Chuka Umunna not exactly working class , it's all bullshit and people actually believe Labour, they control the poor and the Tories control the rich, oh i forgot Labour MPs do not live in council houses and their children attend Private schools like Neil Kinnocks son children .

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