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Originally Posted by trixie View Post
He reaped huge profits from his death. Seems logical that in order to carry it out more than one person conspired.

Why specifically would you not accept him having a hand in it?
Well the Beatles were massive. Even if solo they released an album of them shitting into buckets it would still sell. John Lennon comes out of "retirement", that's pretty massive news musically.
And David Geffen thinks "You know what would make even more profits for me? If instead of releasing new albums of his, I arranged to have him shot and just live off Double Fantasy and Milk And Honey!"
There is a story here in that the doorman with his past needs looking into. Maybe Mark Chapman is innocent and was drugged up to take the blame. (There's no way he'd get released anyway now)
But I can't see Geffen as the one who'd authorised it. Need more evidence than "Massive profits".
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