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I don't blame mccain for his tokyo rose broadcast ... I would certainly have done the same thing to get better treatment .

What I do blame him for is he learnt nothing from his experiences and when in power did all he could to start other vienam type agressions .

Originally Posted by the nine View Post
Anyone else think this was used for leverage against him whilst alive and especially when running for POTUS?
I don't think leverage was needed , he understood what he had to do to get along .... the $100M of wealth he accumulated while in office , all the idiots bowing and scraping was more than enough leverage ....

Originally Posted by the nine View Post
Why is it only coming out now?
After his death?
49 years late..
I think it was Bartzis who said one of the main games being played out is destroying the spirit of the masses ... showing the people that all their heroes , all the people they admire , are corrupt... so they like it if savile or mccain are exposed as scum , they hold off till after they die because they want to show their other servants they are protected and have nothing to fear while alive ....

Many idiots saw mccain as a war hero , if they hear this broadcast they are disillusioned and downhearted .... or forced to move deeper into denial.

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