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Originally Posted by sparkplug View Post
I know of disabled people who work. One can't walk and needs a wheelchair, and gets dropped off at work and picked up every day as her wheelchair won't fit on the bus.

Another is nearly blind and has to have a massive monitor to be able to do his job.

They both choose to work.

I also know of one scrote that milks the system by pretending to be disabled so he doesn't have to work. He got his mobility car taken off him as he got caught delivering fast food on the side. There's nothing wrong with him physically or mentally, he's just a lazy scrounger and proud of it.

It's not so black and white.
This is the problem with the system they will always highlight those that rort as opposed to those that try and do the right thing.
Then when they bring in the proposed new rules the innocent will be affected and the bad ones will find another way to continue their ways.
I know of a similar scrounger in his 40's on disability he goes around scabbing through peoples hard rubbish and tidies the stuff up and sells it at the markets on weekends. He gets the dsp because he can't handle being around people.
Yet I know others who are being made to look for work despite multi medical issues. The system is unfair and always seems to benefit the wrong people.
The governments are in financial trouble because of mismanagement they stole the pension money of the people and never replaced it Now they cry that all these aging people are putting a great strain on the system. The younger generation are buying the lies that they have to pay for all these pensions etc. and are angry at the previous generation for putting strain on them and depriving them of their benefits
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