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Originally Posted by daniflemp View Post
Wow! Lol that is really creepy. From what I have read on multiple sites, the mantis race are a benevolent race. I haven't read any accounts of a malevolent encounter with one, so I don't think "it" was there to do harm to you. They are apparently very enlightened and spiritually "advanced", at least that's from my memory of reading it.
Well, my reaction was fear and rejection. I kept saying no in my head since my mouth wouldn't move. I could see no part of the body, it was fully cloaked and hooded. I think if I would have seen a body like that, I would have been even more afraid. I wonder how I would react now. I don't think I would react the same way. I would definitely be startled. I don't think I would be so quick to automatically interpret something like that as negative, unless reason was given to.

I have also heard they are benevolent. I tried to find stuff on these beings and info is very scarce. They do appear to be a higher-evolved type of race from what little info I could find.
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