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Glean what you may from what ever information people are pushing, yet I have several doubt's as to the agenda of some of these people, working their own ticket by telling the truth is one way of doing it, but are they real captains at the helm of theirs our our ship.

Many poloticians are sitting very pretty thank you very much, via a directorship, and a hand out or sell off on the board, so have no real incentive to do anything for anyone else but themselves.

If we vote anything else like them back into power for another term we will be jumping out the pan into the fire, there are so many voices being wasted and ignored raggardless of what they think, so into the flooded river it is then for the masses, while I watch you all float away down river.

Many thousands are just waiting for everyone else to act, now really is the time not to buy a Volvo, we have had popular, common and its about time we let bass run things, the man on the street with a knowledge and vision of worth and working standards, the root causes the flower to flourish, smart talk and show draws its life blood from the ground up, so may it not rain tomorrow, I have just looked outside and its still bloody raining.

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