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A simple observation and one taken from a book,

A warning to those who live in a babylonian type tower situation, A great big mixing pot of differences is the easiest place to bring down or split apart the sheeples, a young and inexperienced collie is amongst the populous,

The last several decades has been all of that, a damping down of an overall majority in order of controlling the outcome, one side for good of their own kind whilst forked tongue says another, split right down the middle of both halves.

The 57 variaties are here to stay and another 20 are on their way to seal the deal folks, this is why 320 thousand people are leaving every year and not all of them true natives in the scense, gone with them are the memories of how things used to be, memories of how the problem could be averted, their leaving helps the true nature of the problems we now witness.

If a true conscientiuos home land really cherished its skills and knowledge base they would try to encourage those brains to stay, instead they let them leave without as much as a thank you to what they contributed over their life times and with them goes their wealth in more than one way.

A non compassionate/patriotic and out of all compass government are the very worst kind to be running the counrty and why we are in the huge mess we see today, its going to get much worse in the near future with like being replaced with like, until their own hammer falls upon their heads, but before that happen, zones and sectors will cause irreparable damage to the very core of society if rulled from an all seeing eye from affar.

The government have trapped many of us captain like without a life boat, so many of us will have to go down with the sinking ship or break it all to pieces just in time to secure a large enough piece of it with which to float away upon, while the rest drop to the bottom, we are now seeing this on a huge scale from within battles of the board room, where office workers and manager fight for the few remaining floaters, with a sever IARJFU attitude, instead of helping each other.

The whole things a mess and is set to become much much bigger in order to confuse the masses of gaining the ability to regroup, a great big bloody mess, but could we gather the sheeple for a come back before it really is too late for at least a generation or two or more ?.

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