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Lightbulb Go forth and multiply like randy rabbits.

If I was Alex Jones, then I would be starting every broadcast with the 'spread the word' message, I would be concluding every news story with the 'spread the word' message and I would be concluding every broadcast - literally screaming - with the 'spread the word' message. Nothing is more important, it's fundamentally critical to our success, than spreading the word and encouraging everyone you spread the word to to do the same. Peace.
I still love the masons! Be proactive; believe in change and everyone; trust no one.
I'm a glorifed sheepon so don't mess. Thus spoke numnuts. Exposing 'morons' & shills since 2006.
With a critical mass of conscious, good-hearted people I care not who makes laws or prints money.
Are you selling out your own sons, daughters, nephews and nieces? Good job! Bellboy!

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