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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
Can anyone provide any examples where he advises people how to effectively do something about the tyranny?
Well... I've been listening religiously and the best I can get for you is an elderly lady phoning in trying to get some offensive action going , the question is raised what can we do? Alex responds ..."exposing the real agenda that's the offense".... he also talks about a protest he went on and that people can go to their local town hall meetings .... I know , I don't think the NWO will be trembling in their boots. starts at 109, and after adverts restarts 116:50 ... Monday show

I touched upon what I think we can do in reply to another post. I paste it below

Originally Posted by fluxed ...
Is it time for people such as david icke, to gather us together
in large numbers with an agenda?

Rather than inform us, is it not time for the next step where we
all join in, and offer solutions.

We need to make plans people. If the sh.. hits the fan, we will
have made no plans - this is where people like icke, come in.

oz93666 replies......

May I respectfully suggest this is not the way forward.
The NWO really do have us checkmated on the physical level. Any attack scenario we can dream up , their think tanks have already analyzed decades ago and they've put in place counter measures.
For example , IF enough people could understand what is happening and there was a mass march on parliament and buck palace, and if the police/army could not contain the situation or were siding with the marchers, then they would 'press the button'. Reliable insiders have leaked that already in-place hundreds of meters underground , scattered around central London are many neutron bombs , if they were loosing control they would evacuate their people, and 'press the button', the blast would be totally contained underground , no observable effects on the surface , except all life in that area is extinguished by the radiation . In one fell swoop they would have eliminated all the activists in the UK and would blame it on 'terrorists' .
Icke would be the first to say It's not his 'mission' to be a leader in the way you suggest , the whole idea of such leadership opens up a whole can of worms and will only make things worse. The best David can come up with is non-compliance, and realistically, considering our numbers ( and projected numbers) this has a 1% chance of defeating the NWO.
Have no doubt the 'sh.. will hit the fan'. It's for us , thinking for ourselves, perhaps in small groups to make efforts to ensure our own survival. Where will you're food and electricity come from? is living in the UK best choice for your survival? what happens if law and order breaks down and armed gangs are roaming the streets, living in a city must be your last choice , the more remote you are , the better.
Having said all this I still believe we will defeat them , but as icke says not until things get a lot worse. Humanities strength lies in the spiritual , or non physical realm (or at least it will do when we 'ascend' and assume our full potential). Perhaps as things get difficult for the average person they will be directed to draw on their inner strength and assume the mega being identity which they are. As more of us awaken in this way the dark forces will find it more and more uncomfortable to operate here and finally will be forced to flee. The more internal work we can do before things get challenging, the easier it will be. Check out this video for some solutions .......
.... ..

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