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Originally Posted by illuminumnuts View Post
Can anyone provide any examples where he advises people how to effectively do something about the tyranny? Can anyone provide any examples where he encourages people to go and wake up other people in any way? I hear a lot of people telling me he does, but I am - so far anyway - short of examples. Thank you.
Neither of these giants advise their followers on the art of re-skilling ourselves, yes I know I never stop talking about it, but its how we are going to get what we need, once this mind set and paradigm is honed, the corporates will have to start working much harder for to keep us in the dark.

Skills are the ultimate Utopia, as the skills grow the stealing dies, what would be great is to see something either has made for themselves, this would encourage others to do the same, and pass on the knowledge of something real in hand and house, something worthy.

As these entities point out the Ex-Post Facto Justification being thrust down our throats, nothing is actually being created, nothing real, only thoughts of what has already come to pass, thinking alone will not feed our world nor bring us well being.

My penneth worth, which I know works perfectly if one starts making whilst awakening.

The salesman who peddles his or her own wares knows where it has come from.
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