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One of the most important things about the RAF is now hidden for political reasons but when Chamberlain went to Munich in 1938 we had 50 Hurricanes in service and the Spitfire had just come off the drawing board. Hitler had been bombing countries into submission and his air force was massive. Had we declared war then we would have been forced to surrender within days. We appeased instead and started the most massive plane building enterprise in history. We also designed and installed the revolutionary Dowding radar system. By the time we were retreating from Dunkirk we had lost over 1000 planes over France but had enough to fight off the Luftwaffe in the battle of Britain aided or saved by radar. If you look at these dates and figures you will see what a miracle it was we survived without the USAF and exactly how Appeasement came into this. Chamberlain handed over to his protégé Churchill but together they had fooled Hitler and saved us. Now the word Appeasement is used to suggest that we did something evil. How little people know or respect the RAF:

July 1934 expansion of RAF announced - 5 year plan

March 1936 first Spitfire maiden voyage

December 1937 RAF take delivery of first Hurricane fighters

June 1938 Spitfire enters service, 50 Hurricanes in service

Sept 1938 Chamberlain buys essential time for re-arming in so called ‘appeasement‘- Germany builds 1860 Messerschmitt ‘109’ fighters

Jan 1939 Only 27 RAF Fighter squadrons active, Germany builds 1540 109’s.

Sept 1939 Britain declares war - 500 Hurricanes in service, 400 Spitfires
Luftwaffe:Aircraft strength was 4,201 operational aircraft; 1,191 bombers, 361 dive bombers, 788 fighters, 431 heavy fighters, and 488 transports

May 1940 Chamberlain resigned in favour of Churchill.

May to June 1940 Dunkirk retreat of British Expeditionary Force in France and allies

June 1940 106 RAF fighters lost in 9 days and in total 1029 planes lost in France

1940 Dowding radar system becomes active and is of major importance as from
July through Autumn 1940 Britain fights Battle of Britain against vastly superior numbers of German bombers and fighters

Meanwhile Britain and her Commonwealth allies were also fighting the Italians and Germans in North Africa and having some success against the forces of Rommel.

Not until December 1941 did the US join the war and only after Germany and Japan had declared war on them

End of war 1 million serving in RAF with 27,000 planes, 14000 Hurricanes had been produced 20,000 Spitfires were produced.
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