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I've read about half-way. There is a lot of information to absorb so I take my time so my eyes and thoughts don't get glossed over and I miss something important.

Some of it is the same as in other books but additional information added to it. I think that is good for someone just getting into Icke and they can get one book and get it all. Its a good review for those of us who have read other books too. I have incredible short-term memory so the review is appreciated.

Also, I have a lot of respect for Davie Icke because you can tell he has put his heart and soul out there into what he believes. He doesn't hold back. To me, I almost feel like I'm cheating because he has done all the hard work and I'm simply reading it. Maybe that is a challenge for me to do more.

Also, a big thanks for everyone on this site who shares their knowledge and opinions-agreeable or not. Admittedly, most of time I'm just a lurker. I do however appreciate it all. Ok, that's all to say.

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