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What is being called super soldier, in the spiritual aspect, is nothing different to Shamanism.

Shaman's can access and operate in other dimensions, they don't need to be tortured to be strong on a soul level.

I'm sorry, super soldiers aren't all that. It is a fairytale, a fantasy for the mind, these people are deluded.

I'm not saying that she hasn't been conditioned, it is possible that she has been.

But these aspects of astral and accessing other dimensions - everyone can do that. This 'hanging out with the Anunaki....' I've done that, i'm not a supersoldier. I've projected into secret bases, had my experience validated (by someone who was there physically) - i'm not a super soldier. I've done a lot of things that i could say makes me a super soldier, but i'm not a suer soldier, i am just someone who has learned to access a greater depth of my own awareness.

No need to dress it up as anything else but that.

I'd no way say that makes me superior or more advanced than other, because we all have these gifts, some are here in the now to experience and harness those gifts, hone them, some are not - those who are here to experience and harness them will be doing those things.

Yes, the Elite's body's are hijacked / hacked. A soul implants (again Shamanism has aspects of this too) into a host who they are linked to on a vibrational level. Suitable hosts create a unique(ish) signature due to their unique bloodline, and Astral entities can tap into these frequencies more easilly, and more importantly, can remain tapped in for long periods.. The bloodline / DNA creates a favourable anchor, and they can then be steered by the stronger soul force that is implanted. The stronger bloodline(s) can actually re-install a guiding spirit / soul energy into different bodies of that bloodline so that 'one' being is continually re-appearing in different forms - the Royal's for instance. The Queen and her Mother have been re-incarnating into different bodies for thousands of years - that child of Williams, George is an old soul returning (i'd say either the Queens father) into a new body, and the new child Charlotte is probably the Queen Mother soul energy.

Remember Queen Victoria's motto: 'we are not amused.' We? It has become a royal standard.


We (as humans) can create a frequency, or a vibration, that once we expose ourselves to it we can change the neural pathways in our mind and unlock (some of) the souls anchors - effectively opening it to other frequencies. The soul can then experience other dimensional frequencies and journey in different forms - piggy-back with another for periods of time.

This can be done in either passive or aggresive manners (depending upon the intent of the journeyer) the journey can be guided, allowed to happen naturally or steered forcefully. More often than not it is very difficult for an incoming energy to steer another against their will (though it is possible)... People like Obahma and Bush, Blair etc surrender their concience (for want of a better word) for the gains that they appreciate physically (wealth and fame) as well as the percieved gain of furthering the hidden agenda's - they enjoy being used, allow themselves to be used because they will be looked after, financially / materially and spiritually.

Everything can be utilised by the forces of evil and the forces of good - those that benefit mankind and those that hinder it.

Shamanism is an aspect that has beneficial modalities, and likewise the same methodologies can be utilised by those with dark agendas.


She's not really saying anything new, tbf. Just take a look at Darketernals thread about being an illuminati insider.

She's just basically spinning that bs for a new up to date presentation.

i think she's just mixing up some truth with a lot of rubbish tbf, a lot of things she's sayng are spot on - but nothing that hasn't been said before by other people - a lot of people on this forum have said a lot of the same things - i've heard ufochick say some of the more positive things she's saying in the vids above...

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