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She still sounded 'owned' in the video I linked in the other thread.

Now the big question is...What does she mean by "advanced soul" which makes it sounds as if she is superior.

Because our souls are already perfect with no blemish... (but most don't know this because they've been programmed not to) that is what God, infinite source, you is about.

Another thing to think about is, is human superior compared to animals, for example? Or even so called angels or other entities equivalent in different traditions. OK, the entities may have more abilities in some ways but we have our freewill and creativity which they do not have. So "who is superior?" is an illusion. Just like people who have iniversity degrees may not be so superior compared to spiritually evolved person in the 3D. Comparison/competitiveness thinking arises from reptilian thinking.

@14 mins she says "the US government has realised that there are other dimentions..." Oh please, they are into occult, they knew such thing since.....Egypt. This is beginning to sounds like BS oz.

She also talks about earth being the noah's ark, DNA seed bank in case something happens in the space.
How does that fit with Sophia's dream or Mayan creation story??

@35 mins, she talks about SS having more energy, well sarah, you haven't got energy woozing out of you, have you? I'd say depleted. I guess demons are feasting on her energy.

You know what I get from this women is blockages, living in fear, not psychic vibe. Of course, blockages comes from all kinds of things done to her by mind control but definitely not psychic vibe. Sorry to say but a term sex slave, tart fits her well. I'd like her to show us some of her talent LIVE, not using actors to say "wow you are amazing, you are speaking to my late grandma" etc... On the other hand, I'd say Max knew stuff.

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