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Originally Posted by felixfelix View Post
The has been a burst of activity at pprune, occasioned by the October release of the AAIB report. What a waste of time even discussing a made up scenario.

Seems like the AAIB are working backwards from Figure 3, ignoring the imagery which seems to show the helicopter blown up while on the ground.

Having read these reports Big Bro Co (first to broadcast the tree hoax the next night ) and the mainstream media photo lies (Mail broken tree branch Jason Bye photography!/portfol...000UgVRgh25.XE mason alert ) should be ashamed of themselves and shows just how much they collude in the cover up.. 'Intelligence' operation imo. DISGRACEFUL

I am not sure what happened but I believe there was a good chance there could have been at least one survivor. It could well have been downed with a jammer that renders some controls inoperable?

All in all Lord Bally whats his name was the target..
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